Looking Back - The past 2 years

roxy the bernese mountain dog2 years of Doggy Daycare!!!  Wow, how time flies! Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary party and I can't thank all of you enough for making Pampered Pooch Playground what it is today!   I remember when we had our first open house before we opened and we had over 100 people show up to "check us out".  Then the first day we were open our first dog Bindi, was ready to come and play at 6:50am.  The first few days we had 2 or 3 dogs and I was very excited!  Yesterday at the anniversary party it was great to see so many of our customers that have been with us since the first month we opened and I kept talking about how the dogs have grown and changed.  I feel like all of the dogs are like our little kids.

What some of you might not have noticed at the anniversary party is 3 of the employees that were there were employees that we hired before we opened.  Anna, Vanessa and Heather (our trainer and manager) all were with us at our grand opening celebration 2 years ago.  After the anniversary party we went out with some of our staff and we were talking about how things have changed and how we have evolved.

A big thank you to Tami our groomer who owns Muddy Paws Cheesecake for catering all of the wonderful food that we had.  She went over the top and made so many great dishes for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks to Sarah Beth Photography for stopping out and taking some pictures of all of the fun!  The pictures will be up soon and we will share them with all of you. Thanks to Ellen one of our managers for baking the doggy cake and goodies!  And finally to all of our wonderful staff (I would list all of their names here, but everyone helped out so much) that was working at the event and to all of our customers!  You guys are amazing and we love all of your dogs!!  Look forward to some really great things to come later this year!!

Ok, enough of this, I feel like I am giving one of those cheesy acceptance speeches at the Grammy's!

Have a great Sunday!