Lots of dogs, lots of fun!

Chloe (Wheaton) and Naiya (golden) had a great time in the smaller and more laid back room! Funny thing is both of these dogs are larger, but they really love the little dogs and do so much better with them! We do put larger dogs in with the little guys, but they are the dogs that we really know and trust with them. Our dog Roxy, LOVES the little guys!

Today the Daycare was full, and we ended up turning away people that did not have reservations. This is why it is so important to make a reservation or call ahead to make sure there is space. We can handle many more dogs than we accept each day, but we want to make sure each dog has enough space to lay down and rest without getting run over.

I don't know how many of you are on Yelp!, but if you are you will see the latest newsletter that was sent out to everyone in Minneapolis. Guess who was mentioned in it?? Yelp! is a great website that offers un-biased opinions on any type of business and they do not allow businesses to remove reviews. This has really been my new past time, and I love writing reviews. Many of you will remember what a big deal OUTSTANDING customer service is to me, and this is a great way to let others know. Anyway, if you want to read the email that was sent out, click here! I did not even know they were going to mention us in it, so it was a huge surprise when I saw it!

Have a good afternoon.