Louise and the Shovel

Louise the weimaraner This morning I went to the doggy daycare bright and early to shovel our large outside play area. Surprisingly it is much easer to shovel snow BEFORE it is trampled down by a bunch of dogs playing in it.  Anyway, when we do projects like this, sometimes we will have a few of the dogs  around that like to help!  This morning one of the dogs outside with my while I was shoveling was Louise the Weimaraner who has been boarding in our hotel!  She kept chasing the shovel back and forth anytime I moved it.  She had so much fun doing this!  Louise was one of our first dogs through our door when we opened!  Louise's dad owns a great business down the street, Chux Screen Printing, and they print the logo's on all of our clothing.  When Louise is not at doggy daycare, she can often be seen running around the Chux offices.  I stopped in one day, and she was VERY excited to see me!

Have a great day!