Lucy the schnauzer is another one of our regular daycare dogs. Today, her boyfriend, Henry the schnauzer was at the daycare. These 2 love birds spent the day flirting back and forth. Lucy had to follow Henry all around the play area.

Other news from the day.... Take my advice and don't order from the Jimmy John's that just opened in St Louis Park. It took them 75 minutes to deliver our 2 sandwiches for lunch. After 2 calls to the store and 1 call to their corporate office the food finally showed up. The coke was really watered down (because we think it was sitting in the delivery guys car for an hour) and they got the order wrong. So if you are looking for a good sandwich for lunch, let me suggest another one of my favorite Chicago chain resturants, Potbelly. Events like these really make me understand how important it is to provide OUTSTANDING customer service. If you ever need anything please, please let me know. You can always call the daycare and press 4 to be directly connected to my cell phone.

Have a great weekend, I am going to relax and enjoy a honey crisp apple!