Meet Remy

Remy is one of the boxers that loves to come to Doggie Daycare. The minute he walks in the front door his tail is wagging. Remy loves to go with the bigger dogs and the smaller laid back group, he is a great dog anywhere he goes. Oh, he is also a Therapy Dog, which is pretty cool. You can catch Remy and lots of other dogs in our latest daycare video.

I did some small changes on the website, and also added a bunch of pictures in the March Photo Gallery.

If you are looking for something to do tonight, Trisha and I will be at the Dunn Brothers in Linden Hills to help kick off Stray Dog Arts latest project. More details are on her website. Jessie does AMAZING work and you can see it for yourself in our lobby! If you stop out at the Dunn, make sure you try my favorite drink, a Skim Mocha Ice Crema! YUM!

Have a good day!