Meet Roxy and Dreyfus

People always ask Trisha and myself if we have a dog and if we bring her to daycare. Yes, we have a 2 3/4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, named Roxy and we bring her to the Doggy Daycare every few days. Since she is a winter dog, when it is worm out she gets pretty lazy and just likes to lay around, but once it turns cool out, she is 85 pounds of energy. In the winter we can't keep her from playing in the snow. Roxy is a people person and feels the need to say "hello" to everyone in the room. She also loves to sit on peoples feet!

This week we are dog sitting Dreyfus who is also a Bernese, and about 4 years old. He also loves to come to the daycare. I am sure you will see him around the daycare this week. Oh, and Dreyfus is featured on our breeders website, just click here. (Dreyfus is on the left, and Roxy is on the right in the picture).