More PPP Upgrades

As some of you might have noticed, "something has been going on in the Ruff House".... Over the past few weeks, we have been gradually upgrading our HVAC system for the play areas.  Most of the work has been completed in the morning, and during that time, we are able to move dogs into other rooms, or use our outside area so that they are not in the way.  Fresh, purified air is very important when running a dog daycare (many places never do this), and our old unit was doing pretty good, but it was running on it's "last legs".... So rather than waiting for something to break, we take the pro-active approach and do a complete upgrade.  While many of our 2 legged customers will never notice any change, all of our 4 legged customers will be very excited for a more efficient system that can switch over the air in the room about 8 times per hour (industry standard is about 3 times per hour).  Tomorrow is the big day when we get to flip the switch on the new unit... Like always, construction is never easy to do, and our #1 goal is always to make sure all the dogs are safe and out of the way when they are working.  I will give you all the details on the new system soon after we get to turn it on.

Have a good night!