Murphy and Satchel

Wow, what a day to take off. Trisha and I decided to take today off so we could visit the uptown art fair, and well, it has rained all day. Why does that always happen? When you take a day off work, the weather is always bad. Oh well. I did stop into the daycare to get a few things done this morning. We are going to be getting a new parking lot soon, and I was calling companies to get prices for the work. I called one, gave them our address and found out that the guys dog comes to us for his Hotel stays. How funny is that. Once he told me his name, I knew his dog's name. How many daycare owners can do that??? So long story short, he is going to come out next week and price out the work. Kinda random, don't ya think. The way I found his business was by viewing his reviews on! Seriously though, I really do like to support people that support us.

In the picture Satchel (yellow lab) and Murphy (vizsla) are best friends. They have a great time playing when they are at doggie daycare.

Have a great weekend. The weather should be great, sunny and 91! So enjoy a warm day with your pooch!!