I Don't Wanna Name Drop

Buddy at Doggy Daycare at Pampered Pooch Playground in Minneapolis, MNBecause I worked in the media for 11 years before opening Pampered Pooch Playground, I know how much celebrities value their privacy.  We often get asked in the lobby if any famous people bring their dogs to us, and they do... But because we value their privacy we will never mention who they are on the website, Facebook or Twitter.  I know you really want to know who they are, so lets just say we have had at least one of the following in the past 2 years: - Minnesota Twins Player

- Minnesota Wild Player

- Minnesota Vikings player

- Musician (no it was not Prince)

- Radio Personality

- TV Personality

- DJ

- Artist

So there you go.. You can guess and guess, but we will never tell you who they are, heck, you might even run into them in the lobby sometime.

Have a good night.