New Artwork

Today was another action packed day with all of the dogs. We had about 5 customers call yesterday saying that their flight was canceled! I felt bad for all of those people, and all the dogs had to stay over an extra night, and we gave them an extra treat!! Everyone was so behaved and the morning flew past! We hung up some new artwork in the lobby, which is a photo that was taken by Sarah Beth Photography. That name might ring a bell because she was also the person taking the pictures at our Halloween party. She was nice enough to loan us that picture for the lobby, and a few more (that will be up soon) that will line the hallways to the training room. She is a great photographer!

There were so many of the overnight Hotel dogs that were going home today and we were so busy giving all of them a bath (oh, did I mention that when a dog stays 5 or more nights we give them a free bath??). Embry, Riley, and Lucy all had fun playing today!

Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy some nice weather today.