Nope, it's not Roxy, it's Bessy

Meet Bessy, who is a Bernese Mountain Dog who is one of our Hotel guests. Bessy checked in yesterday, and we had our dog, Roxy (also a Bernese) in the lobby and they had a quick play session. Both of these dogs have the same play style. Bessy loves playing with the smaller and more laid back pack of dogs.

Today, I had a shopping trip at Urbanimal, which is where we get most of our products in the lobby. You will notice some new toys that are for sale. Some are eco-friendly and some are made in Minneapolis. Just another way we try to go "green".

All the dogs really loved the great weather today. They love being able to lay outside and catch some sun!

This weekend, there might not be too much updating of the blog. Trisha and I are moving into a new house and we will be busy getting ready for the movers on Monday. So if this blog is quiet for a few days, now you know why.