Ok, who ate the cake?

Yesterday started out really funny!  Lauren, one of our doggy daycare staffers came into the lobby asking me if "I ate the red velvet cake in the kitchen"?  I responded "There is cake in the kitchen???".  It turns out that another staff member baked a cake for everyone and put it in the kitchen, and 99% of the time I am the last to know what is in the kitchen! Well, the 9 inch cake was gone, except for a few crumbs!  I did think it was odd that someone had left the frosting on the floor.  After further review we figured out that it was our dog Roxy that put her front paws on the counter and ate all of it.  We called Roxy into the kitchen and she looked really guilty.  I was telling one of our owners that has a great dane and they just laughed!  In the picture is Roxy relaxing at her favorite place on earth!  The minneaahaha falls dog park! Last night we took the staff out to the Saint Paul Saints baseball game.  Everyone had a great time until the severe weather came in and the stadium emptied.

Have a good day!