One FULL hotel

Yesterday (Thanksgiving), I went to work to check on everything and make sure everything was running smooth, which it was.  Our hotel is full and they were so behaved yesterday and had tuns of fun playing on Thanksgiving.   I spent about 6 hours with the dogs yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it, and I know that the dogs did as well.  On the holidays, we are closed for drop off and pick up, but for the dogs staying over it is just a regular day of play.  Many other boarding places in the Twin Cities have ver limited play hours on holidays, and we did not think this was fair for the dogs (or the customers, since you are paying for it).  We would much rather pay our staff a little more, and make it a regular day for the dogs.  Yesterday,  Ash, one of our managers brought out the bubbles and Jackaroo really got into the fun!  Watch the video below. [youtube=]