One Tired Pooch

Tired BaileyBailey is one of the Golden Retriever puppies that comes to doggy daycare and he plays, and plays hard.  Last night his mom sent me this picture of him when he passed out in the car on the way home on.  I really enjoy getting these pictures because it shows that he had a great day at dog daycare! Today there was HEAVY, HEAVY rain and severe weather again.  I was keeping track of where the Tornado warnings and watches were and they were not in our area (but other areas of Minneapolis and Minnesota got hit really hard), but that did not mean we did not feel the effects of LOTS of rain.  We have an exit door in our small dog play area and the drain outside was backed up, which meant that water was seeping in under the door.  If you were watching the webcams, I am sure you saw how much water came in (it was not bad, just lots of water) and we ended up moving all of our small dogs into another room while everything was cleaned up.  The "best" part of the day was standing outside in the downpour clearing the drain and getting drenched.  Everything was cleaned up in about 30 minutes and the dogs enjoyed playing in a new room for a few minutes.  A big thanks to all of our staff for making a few changes and pitching in where needed,  Things ran smooth and we never missed a beat!

Have a good night.