Otis turns 3

Otis the Great DaneA big PPP Happy Birthday goes out to Otis the great dane.  Otis was one of the first dogs that attended daycare almost 3 years ago when we first opened.  Back then, we had very few visitors during the day and I was sealing the floor in the lobby.  It would take about 30 minutes for the sealer to dry and we did not expect anyone to stop in.  About 4 minutes into my sealing of the floor, the front door opened and Otis the great dane puppy walked in.  I had to stop them, because the sealer was wet and I ended up carrying Otis over the wet area.  Wow, have things changed!  Now we can't seal floors during the day and Otis is HUGE!  He celebrated his 3rd birthday with all of his doggy daycare friends in the Canine Cove and his sister Sadie the pug.  Otis is also well known for his creative and unique halloween costumes! Happy Birthday Otis!