Today was another busy day at the daycare, but I had a few minutes to work on little projects that I had been putting off because I have been busy playing with the dogs. One project I have been trying to get to is fixing a small part of our playroom floor. There is one small area where the seams did not line up perfect. So I decided today was a day to get this done. I had to use a razor blade to rip up the seam and re-do it. I was almost done cutting the seam and ended up cutting some of my finger and was bleeding! So i yelled really loud (and used some choice words) and a few of the dogs came over to make sure I was ok! Marley, Boogie, and Bindi all were worried and it was really cute! Now the floor has been fixed and I have a band-aid on my finger! I felt like a dope! Oh, did I mention that the flooring is all recycled rubber tires! Pretty cool!

After Marley checked me out to make sure I was ok, he headed off to the pool!

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