Our Holiday Party

Last night was the PPP holiday party which was so much fun!  I personally hate typical holiday parties, and we really want to go all out and do something different.  All of our employees work so hard everyday, so we really enjoy doing something fun with them! This year we hit up a local indoor trampoline park to play dodgeball and then went out after for pizza.  I think this was our best party yet, and all of our staff had so much fun!  I know we always say this, but our staff is amazing and we are so proud to have each one of them taking care of everyones pooch! To make the party happen, we had 2 of our ex-employees (Erin and Steph) come in and close the daycare so our current staff could attend the party!  IT was funny when they came in, all the dogs spending the night were regular dogs, and they knew each one of them from when they worked for us!  A big thanks to both of these ladies for coming in and helping out!

Have a great night!