Paris and Paisley

Today I stopped into the daycare to get a few odd projects done before we opened. You will notice that our new "Virtual Window" is in the lobby. We decided to put in the "Virtual Window" so you can see all the play areas from the lobby. We this this will work much better than putting a real window in and you will be able to see so much more.

I went back to the small dog play area and the fist dog to come up to me was Paris, who is a a Yorkie puppy. She is the cutest little thing and this is her 2nd stay with us. Her and her sister Paisley who is a Beagle puppy. Paisley has gotten so much bigger since her last visit! These girls play non stop!! Their mom works for KARE 11, and rumor has it that they love to watch the webcams at work! Don't worry, we won't tell on you!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and we are ready for a big week!