Pitching In

Leyla at dog daycare in Minneapolis The new year is here and Pampered Pooch Playground is rocking.  This week all the talk is about our remodeling that is starting later this week.  Everyone is very excited for the updates and we really try to take our employees opinions into account when we change things.  As an owner, sometimes it is easy to sit back and say "deal with it", but we don't work that way and those words would never leave my mouth.  If there is something we can do to make the job easier, we will change and adapt to make things easier for our staff.   I think it really helps that Trycia and Myself are very involved in the dog daycare everyday (we don't just sit in an office), but know what really goes on.  For example, tonight, the person that does our cleaning was sick, so who filled in?? I did!! Some of the staff did think it was kinda funny that the owner was cleaning, but it is a task that needs to be done.  I actually had fun doing it (I had don't done it for a few months).

We are excited to get the ball rolling on 2012 and continue to provide the best possible care and exercise for your pooch!

I think we will make the slogan for the year..... 2012... The year of the pooch!

Have a good night.