PPP in print

pay attention the bookMany of the blog readers know how I feel about outstanding customer service.  Honestly I think it is a lost art.  I am more than willing to tell you about local business who have HORRIBLE service (I know many of my Facebook friends are all aware of them).  When was the last time you were "thanked" going through the drive through coffee shop, or at the gas station?  It very rarely happens or it is just an employee saying it because they have to.  Well, I try so hard to thank everyone for coming in when they come to pick up their pooch. The customer service at Pampered Pooch Playground has not gone under the radar.  Local author Ann Thomas is writing an entire book on marketing and customer service in the digital age and there is a 2 page company profile about the PPP in there.  Just flip to page 90!  Honestly this is my first time in print, and I am so excited for this and that our old fashioned approach at customer service has not gone unnoticed.  The book, Pay Attention is now available at bookstores everywhere and on Amazon.com.  I will even sign page #90 for you :)

Have a great day!