Reggie goes home

ReggieOne of the highlights of my day is when parents come to pick up their dogs.  I love seeing how excited to dogs get when the are reunited after a long day of play at doggie daycare.  The tails always wag and the dogs are always so happy to see their parents.  I also love when the dogs come charging through the front door in the morning with excitement.  Today, Reggie (in the picture), went home and he was excited to see his family! Here is a funny story from the lobby today.  Mugsy's mom (Mugsy is a puggle) came to pick him up and she was talking about how she was addicted to our iPhone app; she was watching him play all weekend while he was checked into the hotel.  She asked who the other puggle was that he was playing with, and the other puggle's name was Mugsy also.  How random.  Friday when I went back with the dogs, it took me about 30 minutes to realize there were 2 puggles named Mugsy.  What a random name!

Have a great night. Keith