Remodeling - Day 1

Petey and Benson at the dog lounge Today was the first day of the remodeling of Waggers Way.  The new floor was put down and it will look just like the Ruff House floor.  The floor is the Ruff House has proven to be the best and easiest to keep clean, but also provide a safe surface for the dogs to play on.  Our room configuration will be a bit strange the next few days.  The Ruff House will be un-changed, but the Waggers Way dogs will be in what we are calling the "Dog Lounge" which is our training room.  Today, the dogs in the Dog Lounge could run back and forth from the Canine Cove and many of them really enjoyed that.  If you are watching the webcams the next few days, make sure you cycle through all of them to find your pooch as they may not be in their regular room.  Monday, the walls in Waggers Way will be painted, then the ceiling installation will begin.  With any type of construction, we always place the safety of your dog ahead of anything else, and have been limiting the number of dogs we accept for the next to weeks. It also might take us a few extra minutes to get your dog ready to go home because of the configuration.  Please be patient with us, we promise it will be worth the hassle!

We are really excited to show off the remodeled areas!