Remodeling Update

Wow, what a difference a week makes in our doggy daycare makeover.  Our Waggers Way room is now being used, and I think all the dogs LOVE it.  You will notice the webcams are now in the middle of the room so you can see about 90% of the room and the new energy efficient lighting has made the room much brighter and the new paint color on the walls and the lighter floor has made the dogs stand out better on the webcams. I was laughing yesterday when I first logged on to the cameras because Brent (one of our staff) was wearing a black hoodie and he looked like a shadow on the cameras.  We love these changes!  Now That Waggers Way has been almost completed (there are just some ceiling tiles to be placed), the Ruff House has started getting the facelift.  We keep putting pressure on the construction guys to be finished by Friday and I think this will be achieved.

So excited to show everything off!