Roxy's uptown tour

There are so many dog friendly businesses in the Minneapolis area and today we took Roxy on an adventure!  First stop was the brand new Apple store that opened yesterday in Uptown.  This is first Apple store of the kind for Apple to open and it is AMAZING!  We got a private tour of the briefing room (which is all controlled by an iPad) and the rooftop garden!  What an AMAZING place and they are very dog friendly.  Almost every store employee stopped to say hi to Roxy!  While we there we showed off our iPhone app Pooch Vision which will have an update out this week. The Apple employees thought our app was pretty darn cool! You can see in the picture that Roxy would not stand still long enough to take a picture because she wanted to go back in and see everyone again! Next stop was Chiang Mai Thai which is right across the street.  We sat out on the patio with 2 other dogs.  They really enjoy having dogs on the patio and it shows!

I know we normally blog about stuff around the daycare, but sometimes I like to include other dog friendly info :)

Next stop for Ms. Roxy... The couch.  She is pooped!

Have a good day!