Meet Ruby, a Jack Russell puppy. Ruby has so much energy, and never stops moving. One of Ruby's good friends is Coupon (Boston terrier mix), these 2 girls could play all day long!

So today, I tried to install our new "surprise", and failed! Have you ever tried putting something together with 20 dogs looking on thinking that they can help! All the big dogs really wanted to help and some of them even tried to climb on it. So that is why it is not up and running. I knwo you are dying to know what we got, so I will just tell you. (drum roll) We got indoor potty systems for the dogs, so they never have to go outside when it is cold. This system is HUGE and really cool and even pumps out all the "waste" every hour!! I think I will need to come in late one night and put them together, because when the dogs are there it is too hard, trust me, I spent 3 hours today trying, but all of them just wanted to play with me!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!