Safe and Secure!

Bella at dog daycare Today the St Louis Park Police Departments SWAT team was practicing in the building across from the daycare.  Our staff and I had fun watching them.  Frost's mom wanted Frost to go over and help them out.  Frost is a German Shepard and would have done a great job helping!

What else is going on at the PPP???  Lots.. The past 2 Sundays we have been having our construction guy working on projects.  Our main project is adding a new door to the Canine Cove so it is easier to get the dogs outside.  We started using it on Monday and they dogs really love it!  Who would have thought they would be that excited over a new door.  Sometimes construction moves slower at the PPP because we do most of it on Sundays since there are not as many dogs and we can move them into other rooms easier.