Shhhh... Dog Daycare Nap Time

Ruff House Nap Time The dogs in the Ruff House play hard and then it seems like the whole room gets tired at one time!  We call this our group nap time.  So many doggy daycares do a caged nap time, when every dog goes in a cage for 2 hours and they call this "nap time".  I can honestly tell you that it not a nap time and most of the dogs end up barking for the 2 hours (we tried this when we opened), and the barking was loud enough to stress me out, and the other dogs.  So we found a way to have these group nap times, and the dogs do great with it!  Resting is also a large part of doggy daycare because you don't want a tired cranky dog when you pick them up, you just want a tired dog!


Have a good weekend!