Simon's end of day picture

Last night one of our staff members was sick, so I ended up staying until we closed for the day. Simon's dad called and said he would be picking up Simon right before we were ready to leave, so we put all of the hotel dogs to bed and brought Simon up to the lobby where we he showed off for the camera. He loves to jump on the chair and sit. Simon comes a few days each week and plays great! So Simon and our dog Roxy had a few minutes to play before they both went home for the night, SUPER TIRED!

If you are around the daycare on Sunday, things might be a bit different because we are going to have some construction work going on in the play areas. We will have the dogs in some of our other play rooms while this work is going on, so if you are watching the webcams things might look a little strange. Sundays are the best days to get projects done, but the hard part is telling construction people they need to work on a Sunday.

Have a good weekend.