Small, but mighty - Butters!

Butters is one of the smallest dogs that comes to Pampered Pooch Playground, but don't let is small yorkie size (about 4 pounds) fool you. Butters really thinks that he is a large dog that is trapped in a small dog body. In the winter Butters likes to show off his sweater collection, but now that it is warmer out, he is going "all natural".

Oh, today Trisha and I took a trip to go shopping for some new retail items for the lobby. We found a great toy called the "Kong Wubba", and our dog Roxy loves it and it still squeeks after 2 hours of heavy chewing! Keep in mind that Roxy can break a tennis ball in about 1 minute! If you have a larger dog that loves to chew squeekie things, make sure to check it out.

Finally, I am happy to report that Kyp and Osso who were our foster dogs through Pet Haven have both left the daycare and been placed in foster homes.

Have a good night!