Staff Holiday Party

Last night we had the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws staff holiday party.  It is fun to get both businesses together, but it is always hard to find a time that works for almost everyone.  I am not a fan of boring parties, so we always try to do something fun and exciting.  This year we let the crew vote on what party they wanted, and the Skaties Eighties party won.  So we went down the street to the St Louis Park Roller Garden for some great 80's music and skating.  Many of our employees even got into the party by dressing up.  After an hour of skating and playing games we headed over to McCoy's Public House which is right across the street from Bubbly Paws at Excelsior and Grand.  We had the hole party room, complete with 80's pop music for dinner and drinks.  A big thanks to Brent and his staff at McCoy's for all their hard work last night because everyone had a great time! If you were wondering, yes I got dressed up!  I was sporting the Tiffany Amber Thiessen shirt... We looked and Saved By The Bell started in 1989, so I was safe with it! All of our staff always work so hard everyday and this is the least we can do to show them that we appreciate all of the love and care they put into the job everyday.  It really is hard to find great employees and we have a bunch of them!!  Awwwww... Group Hug!!  Before the night was over, the Bubbly Paws staff had to take a picture of the fun they had... Click Here to see it.

Have a great night!