Starbucks Coffee vs. Starbarks Doggy Daycare

Starbarks doggy daycareAs many of you know, we love being a small business, and really do try to support other small businesses.   I just came across this story of how Starbucks Coffee is going after a dog daycare called Starbarks.  Yes, the logo even looks like the Starbucks logo with the green.  Normally I would defend the small business, but I really do think this is an infringement of the Starbucks name and logo. I am aware of many doggy daycares that have names very close to those of large companies, Urban Outsitters in Chicago comes to mind.  The big difference with Urban Outsitters is the logo does not look close to the Urban Outfitters logo.  We actually visited this daycare a few years ago when I was visiting my family in Chicago.  I feel that when you pick a name that is close to a large company, you are just setting yourself up for trouble.  No small businesses have that type of money to defend themselves, so why even start a battle! I am not an attorney, but I just wanted to offer my opinion ;) It will be interesting to see how this ends.

Just to get some national media attention, I think we will change the name of Pampered Pooch Playground to NeimanBarkus!

There ya go... my .02 for the night.