Stella - Tiny but full of energy

Stella (Yorkshire Terrier) might have been one of the smallest dogs to stay over this weekend in our pooch hotel (also close in size were Kinzer (Pomeranian), Coco Chanel (Chihuahua)). Stella knows how to play great and then go to sleep under some of the play equipment when she is tired and wants to rest.

Today, Trisha and I stopped in for a few hours to check on things and make sure everything was running smooth (which it was, as always). One customer commented about our doggy speed test and suggested we try a few other breeds. Then we headed off to Cirque Du Soleil - Kooza. As always, the show was great and it is only here for a few more nights. If you are looking for something fun to check out, we HIGHLY recomend it.

Take care.