Thanks for 2011

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of our wonderful customers and staff for a wonderful 2011.  I know we say this every year, but Trycia and I never expected Pampered Pooch Playground to be as successful as it is.  We really appreciate everyone that has made PPP what it is today!  In 2011 we remodeled our dog grooming, bathing, and food prep areas and added a new floor to the Ruff House.  I LOVE change and keeping things fresh and new and in the next few weeks you will see more changes taking place.  We strive to be the best possible dog daycare in the Twin Cities.

Thursday night, I was doing our closing shift because one of our employees was sick.  The entire shift, when I was in the room, I kept thinking about when we first opened 4 years ago and how far it has come!  I still remember when we had 3 dogs each day and can name our first 20 dogs (and most still come).

have a happy and healthy 2012!


Ringing in 2011!!!

komo the pit bull at doggy daycare in minneapolis Wow, what a year it has been at Pampered Pooch Playground. Right now I just want to take some time and thank our wonderful staff for a great year!  Without them the PPP would not be what it is!!  We have so many employees that work so hard behind the scenes that never get the credit that they deserve!!! I really think that it is our amazing staff that sets us apart from the other doggy daycares in the Twin Cities.  On that note, I am really sad to announce that 2 of our staff will be leaving us this weekend.

Rebecca is one of our playground staffers that has been with us for almost 2 years.  She is in her final semester of grad school at the U of M and does not have the time for the doggy daycare and her studies!

Erin has also been with us over 2 years and is one of our managers and mom to Komo who is often seen hanging out in the break room with his paws up on the door for attention!  Erin graduated from the U of M last spring and finally landed a great job for a local clothing company!

I am personally really sad to see both of these ladies leave us (even though it is for a good reason)!  I really think of all of our staff like family!!

Again, thanks for a great 2010 and get ready for an even more fun 2011 with all of us at Pampered Pooch Playground!