Jessie Marianello


Roxy-1szcAbout 6 months ago we asked one of of our good friends, Jessie Marianello from Stray Dog Arts to paint another picture of Roxy.  I guess a proud doggy poppa can never have too many paintings of Roxy!  Jessie was one of our first doggy daycare customers and she also painted the large picture of Roxy that is hanging in the lobby. Just a few days ago, Jessie dropped off the new painting of Roxy, and it is so AMAZING!  Jessie does such a great job of capturing Roxy's personality and putting into her paintings.  I don't know what else to say, but we are so happy for our amazing new piece of art that is now hanging in our house! Jessie puts this same about of love and energy into all of her paintings.  WE also had Jessie paint a picture of Trycia's sisters dog, Roman, for Christmas 2 years ago!  About 2 years ago I remember when she came running into our lobby to tell us that her work was featured in Bark and Modern Dog Magazine.  I am so proud of all of her success and proud to call her a good friend of ours!

Have a good night!