Lori Harder

Waffles goes to the Groomer

waffles after getting groomedYesterday, Waffles the doodle was so excited to come to our building, but it is not because of all the dogs at doggy daycare..... It is because she LOVES to get groomed and she really enjoys all the attention she gets!  I have never seen a dog so happy to stand on the grooming table.  Tami our groomer keeps saying that "Waffles is a model grooming dog, and she loves it".  Waffles parents sent us a picture of her snuggled under the covers when she got home last night.   Waffles mom is also the personal trainer we go to, and Waffles was featured in a Bubbly Paws video. Have a great day!



Waffles Mom is Famous

Lori Harder fitnessThose of you that read Oxygen Magazine might have seen a profile on Lori Harder (better known around the PPP as Waffle's mom).  Waffles mom is a professional fitness model, personal trainer and she runs her own healthy lifestyle website (my alter eg0 edits the videos on the website).  Trycia and I both go to Lori for training she she makes her sessions lots of fun!  Waffles loves to come to the PPP for grooming.  She will hop right up on the grooming table and wait for you to brush her.  She could do this for hours! Have a great night!


We're not just a business!

When you go to many businesses, you are treated like a customer and all the business wants in money in exchange for their goods or services.  That is not the case with us.  I personally think of all the dogs as part of our family (some might be part of the distant family or the crazy uncle... HA!).  Anyway we really try to give that feel when you walk in the front door.  So many places are cold, commerical or just have a franchise or hotel feel.  The reason I bring this up is, I love to help our customers succeed in their careers and let others know what they do.  From time to time, I mention some of the cool jobs that our customers have and I like to talk about it on here. Before we started the daycare I worked in radio and I did a weight loss program on the air and lost over 55 pounds!  Since then, I have put back on about 20 of the pounds and decided it is time to take them off again!  Today I went for my 2nd personal training session with Waffles mom, Lori.  Lori is a personal trainer and a professional fitness model, and she has been featured in some major publications.  She just opened a brand new workout studio in St Louis Park which is about 4 minutes from the PPP.  So I had a great workout with Lori today!  To learn more about Lori, you can check out her website.  Waffles the doodle really enjoys being groomed!  I have never met a dog that will just stand on the grooming table for 2 hours at a time, but Waffles loves it and she is a model grooming dog!  Last time she was groomed, Tami our groomer gave her som "Ugg Boots" on her legs, and it looks super cool!

Have a good night.