Roxy Learns Pottery

Roxy checks out Sunset Hill Stoneware This past weekend Trycia and I were in Wisconsin visiting her family and boy did we have lots of fun.  My brother-in-law owns Sunset Hill Stoneware, a pottery company and they are in the process of moving into a new shop.  This move has been in the works for over a year and each time we visit, we always go and check out the update.  They are moving into a huge new shop with all brand new equipment and I am so excited for them.  This past weekend, we brought Roxy and Roman (their dog) to the new shop and they had lots of fun running and playing while we checked everything out.  All of their pottery is hand thrown and they have done work for some pretty big accounts.  Almost all of you have seen their work, and probably don't even know it.  The mug on our front desk with the Pampered Pooch Playground logo was hand thrown and given to us as a grand opening gift 4 years ago!  Once we got done touring their new shop, we also had a preview of the new website that is being launched and we gave our feedback.  I really love helping other small businesses out (especially ones owned by family).  Oh yea, check them out on Facebook!

Have a good night.



Roxy goes to the Cabin

Roxy at the cabinThis weekend we were in Wisconsin visiting Trycia's family and Roxy got to go with!  Roxy really is the perfect car dog, she just sleeps and every now and then she will paw you for attention.  Sunday we wen to Trycia's borhter-in-law's cabin and yes... Roxy came with!  Roxy has never been much of a swimmer, and we attempted to get her to swim, but she would just rather lay in the water on in the shade on the boat. I hope everyone had a good weekend and you were able to enjoy the great weather with your pooch!



Roxy's weekend with Roman

roman the black lab dogThis weekend Trycia and I headed to Wisconsin to hang out with her Family.  Trycia's sister adopted her dog, Roman, from the local shelter and he is more than obsessed with his ball.  This big black lab will chase the ball for hours!!  Today I spent a good 30 minutes throwing the ball down the street for him and he would get the ball then hop in a baby pool to cool off.  Then we would repeat it again, and again!  He is such a great dog and every now and then Roxy will play with him.  Roxy must be thinking "what a crazy ball obsessed black lab".  Roman goes to one of the local doggy daycares 3 days a week.  I wish they would move closer so Roman could meet all of his Minneapolis friends!! Have a great holiday weekend!