The New Canine Cove and Training Room

dog daycare in minneapolis, mn Over the past few weeks you might have noticed some construction going on at the doggy daycare... Well we are happy to announce that the Canine Cove, Luxury Suites and Training Room have a fresh new look.  All these rooms got a brand new floor installed.  We are also updating a few of the luxury suites (details on this very soon).  Keeping Pampered Pooch Playground looking fresh, clean and up to our high standards is a tough process and we work very hard to make this happen everyday.  The small dogs LOVE the brand new rubber floor that has been installed in the Canine Cove.

Look for the details of the luxury suites very soon when they are completed later this week.

Have a great night.



It's not all about the money

Cheena - Maltese daycare dog It is great to be back from our trip to Seattle!  We were gone for 4 days, and it seemed like a lifetime of being away from the doggy daycare.  We visited Seattle with Sarah Beth and she has a friend that lives out there who is also an amazing pet photographer.  We went out with her photographer friend and asked what daycares we should check out.  She named a few and we went to look at them.  I had always known that some doggy daycares are in it for "money and to get rich", rather for the "fun and love of the animals" like we are.  We visited a place that looked like $1 million and I have to give it to them, they had a great lobby, great branding, and an amazing looking building, but once we took a tour it was very obvious that all the money goes into the front of the building and not to the dogs or staff.  I really believe that a good amount of money needs to be put into equipment and fun things for the dogs and the staff.  We also visited another doggy daycare that reminded me of Pampered Pooch Playground.  From the look and feel to they run the daycare, I felt like I was walking into Pampered Pooch Playground, the Seattle version.  The owner was super cool and we have a great time talking with him for a few hours and sharing ideas.

Today,I went to our daycare and got to hang out with the dogs for a few hours.  I guess I can't stay away. Meet Cheena, who is 13 and blind.  She is spending the night in our pooch hotel for the next few nights.  Cheena might be blind, but that does not stop her!  She knows some pretty cool tricks and will do just about anything for a treat!

Have a great night!