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The past few days Trycia and I were on vacation in Kauai.  We always take a trip in September, since this is when our dog hotel service slows down a little bit and it is easier for us to get away.  It is always hard for us to leave the doggy daycare since it really is our baby!  We have a great set of employees starting with our managers, Ellen, Jamie, Melissa and Vanessa and our dog handlers are top notch, but it is always hard to trust "our baby" in other peoples hands.  Anyway, we had lots of fun on vacation and always managed to check in daily!  While we were in Kauai, one of our customers send me a message on Facebook with some places we had to check out.  One of the "must eat" places was Pat's Taquerua which was a taco truck on the beach!  The food was great, but I think we had even more fun petting their dog!  Everyone we talked to always so fascinated by the doggy daycare and they had a bunch of questions on how it worked.  We talked to one couple from Texas and they were all upset that the doggy daycare that they used did not have an iPhone app and they were unable to watch their dog.All in all it was a great relaxing vacation, but we are always happy to be back!  I was already at the daycare within 2 hours of landing in Minneapolis.

Have a great night!



PPP and the iPhone 5

One of my favorite things about owning the doggy daycare is getting to know all of our wonderful customers and talking with them in the lobby.  As some of you might know (or not know) the new iOS 6 software was released last night for the iPhone and there really are some cool new features like much better maps and the panoramic pictures (I still cant get it to work in the play rooms because the dogs just don't stay still).  This morning George the beagle's dad dropped him off for doggy daycare and he asked what I thought about the new software.  I like talking to him because he is a great app designer!  He also asked if we could cancel George's reservation for doggy daycare on Friday because he no longer needs to stand in line at the Apple Store to pick up the new phone!  He pre-ordered the new iPhone 5 online and the delivery date was changed so he receives it tomorrow.  So what does all this have to do with Pampered Pooch Playground?  Honestly I am not sure, but it was a fun story!

Have a great day!



Apple Store and Drinks with Roxy

Roxy out for drinks in Minneapolis, MNTonight there was a dog friendly event at the Apple Store in Minneapolis (uptown).  Many of you know how much I love Apple, and all the employees were loving our  iPhone app, Pooch Vision (we were the first daycare and still one of the few that has their own app).  The Apple Store is always dog friendly, but it was pretty cool to see 30 dogs all behaved and having fun there!  Our friends from Sidewalk Dog gave a preview of their new website, and Sarah Beth Photography talked about how she edits photos on a Mac. After we left this great event, Trycia and I walked a few feet down the street and decided to stop and get a drink.  What I really love about Minneapolis is how dog friendly it is!  So here we are sitting on the patio drinking with Roxy next to us (well sometimes she decided it was a good idea to lay in the sidewalk!!).

Now I need to apologize for not blogging much this week!  I have been battling a pretty nasty sinus infection and just wanted to take it easy!!

Have a good night!



What a Fix!

Sadie the pug Yesterday around noon, I was sitting in our office and heard what sounded like a jet engine taking off.  Melissa, one of our managers stopped in the office and heard the same thing, and I started to figure out what it was.  It was the computer that powers the webcams.  We have a backup computer for the high speed cameras, but the slow speed ones had to be shut down.  I shut down the computer for 30 minutes, thinking it was just a fan that needed a break, and when i turned it back on, the same noise happened.  Since it is a Mac computer, I made an appointment at the Apple store in Minneapolis (they are really dog friendly).  They took the computer back and found something to be defective and it will be replaced free of charge!  While it is being worked on, I updated our backup computer so all the cameras (high and low speed) are working, but you might notice just a little slower performance than normal.

A big thanks to the staff of the Apple store for some great service.  While I was waiting for everything to be looked at, I was showing off our iPhone app and they were loving it!

Have a good day!


iPhone Users

jackson the collieJust about 2 years ago, we were the first doggy daycare to create our own iPhone app and we just made it better.  Look for the update in the app store.  If you have not already downloaded the app, you can search for "Pooch Vision" in the app store.  Very few dog daycares have an app, and we are the only one in the Twin Cities to offer this.  We know we could charge $2 or $3 for the app, but decided to give it away because "why should you have to pay to watch your pooch play??"  New in this update is the option to make reservations and you can shake to change cameras.  We will continue to lead the doggy daycare industry with the use of technology and keep updating things as we can.  If you have any ideas of what we can do, please let me know. Jackson, the collie's dad is one of our many customers that has downloaded "Pooch Vision".

Have a good night.


Roxy's uptown tour

There are so many dog friendly businesses in the Minneapolis area and today we took Roxy on an adventure!  First stop was the brand new Apple store that opened yesterday in Uptown.  This is first Apple store of the kind for Apple to open and it is AMAZING!  We got a private tour of the briefing room (which is all controlled by an iPad) and the rooftop garden!  What an AMAZING place and they are very dog friendly.  Almost every store employee stopped to say hi to Roxy!  While we there we showed off our iPhone app Pooch Vision which will have an update out this week. The Apple employees thought our app was pretty darn cool! You can see in the picture that Roxy would not stand still long enough to take a picture because she wanted to go back in and see everyone again! Next stop was Chiang Mai Thai which is right across the street.  We sat out on the patio with 2 other dogs.  They really enjoy having dogs on the patio and it shows!

I know we normally blog about stuff around the daycare, but sometimes I like to include other dog friendly info :)

Next stop for Ms. Roxy... The couch.  She is pooped!

Have a good day!