Skippy the goldendoodle has been using our doggy daycare and hotel service for over 3 years.  When he gets dropped off, he always turns his head and smiles in excitement... Then he gets even more excited when we take him into the play area where he gets to hang out with all of his doggy friends.  Skippy auditioned for the Sandy in the musical Annie and we gave him a pre-audition bath so he would look his best.  He did not get the part, but if we were the judges, we would have picked him!  Skippy's parents love to send him postcards when they are out of town (we think it is pretty cute as well).  Our facebook fans will remember this video of the postcard Skippy received last spring.

Guess who has an audition this weekend?

Skippy the doodleToday, Skippy the doodle came in and he was excited like always because he loves doggy daycare.  He walks in with his head tilted, and smiling.... Then Skippy's dad asked if he could have a bath today because he had to look good for his audition this weekend.  Skippy will be trying out for the part of Sandy from Annie.  I think Skippy would make a great Sandy!  I will let you know how his audition goes.  If he makes it, the PPP staff should attend opening night! Hope everyone has a great weekend!