Our New Service

minneapolis,mn baby daycare Please note that we posted this on April Fools Day.....

Starting Monday, April 9th, Pampered Pooch Playground will expand and begin offering baby daycare in our canine cove.  But, this is no typical baby daycare, they will be interacting with the dogs in the canine cove.  What can be better than 10 dogs and 10 babies all having fun in the same room.  We will be lowering the webcams so you can see the happy expressions on all the babies faces when they are crawling around with all the dogs.  Once a baby reaches 1 year old they will be able to interact with the dogs in the Ruff House.  One final change will be our name... It will now become "Pampered Pooch and Baby Playground".  Prices for baby daycare will be the same rate as our dog daycare rates.  Within the next 60 days, we hope to expand our baby daycare into baby overnight care.  You can make your reservations for baby daycare by clicking here.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.