Nittany at Doggy DaycareNittany is a mini Australian Shepherd that comes to doggy daycare a couple days a week.  She is the life of the party in the Canine Cove and can be seen chasing a ball or playing with her pal, Chena (another Australian Shepard).  Did we mention that she LOVES the ball?  She will carry the ball around in her mouth and keep hitting your leg with it until you agree to play fetch.  Nittany is one pooch that is full of energy and can rarely be seen napping.  We are happy to say she is a PPP regular! Side note... The way we were able to get this great picture was by holding the ball next to the camera!

Who loves the ball?

jack loves the ball while boarding in our dog hotel The other day, I was hanging out in the Canine Cove at doggy daycare playing with the dogs.  I decided to break out some of the balls, and it is always interesting to see who gets really excited for them and who can care less. Jack, in the picture LOES to chase the ball, then he like to put all of the balls by him! One of the most popular questions we get is why don't you use toys and balls in all the rooms.  We only use the toys and balls in the Canine Cove and it is because there are not as many possession issues. Imagine bringing out 30 balls in the Ruff House, all the dogs always want 1 of the balls and this creates aggression which can lead to a fight.  This is the reason we don't use them in the other rooms.  In the canine cove, if there are any dogs that think they "own" the balls, we just stop using them.  We know dogs enjoy the toys, but none of us enjoy breaking things up and we always put safety first.

Have a good weekend!


Roxy's weekend with Roman

roman the black lab dogThis weekend Trycia and I headed to Wisconsin to hang out with her Family.  Trycia's sister adopted her dog, Roman, from the local shelter and he is more than obsessed with his ball.  This big black lab will chase the ball for hours!!  Today I spent a good 30 minutes throwing the ball down the street for him and he would get the ball then hop in a baby pool to cool off.  Then we would repeat it again, and again!  He is such a great dog and every now and then Roxy will play with him.  Roxy must be thinking "what a crazy ball obsessed black lab".  Roman goes to one of the local doggy daycares 3 days a week.  I wish they would move closer so Roman could meet all of his Minneapolis friends!! Have a great holiday weekend!