Hello Hobbes

hobbs the beagle at doggy daycare in St Louis Park, MN Hobbes the Beagle has been coming to doggy daycare for about a year... When he comes into the building he gets so excited that he rolls over so I can rub his belly.   His mom said he knows "lets go see Keith" and he gets excited.  These belly rubs could last 5 minutes!! So I thought I would share the love!  Hobbes also loves Sarah who is one of our dog handlers.  The other day, Sarah was petting him and I was trying to teach Hobbes the name "Sarah".  We will see if this works!

Hobbes also lives about 4 houses away from us.  When we are out walking Roxy, sometimes Hobbes will be outside in their backyard and you will see him try to get under the fence so I can pet him.

I remember one of the first conversations I had with his parents... They had just moved here and I was talking about how dog friendly Minneapolis is and told them about a few of our favorite dog friendly restaurants.  Then about 2 weeks later, they told me how much they enjoyed going to Pizzeria Lola and it was close to where they lived.

Hobbes is such a sweet beagle and we love that he comes to doggy daycare and that I give amazing belly rubs!

Have a good night!


PPP and the iPhone 5

One of my favorite things about owning the doggy daycare is getting to know all of our wonderful customers and talking with them in the lobby.  As some of you might know (or not know) the new iOS 6 software was released last night for the iPhone and there really are some cool new features like much better maps and the panoramic pictures (I still cant get it to work in the play rooms because the dogs just don't stay still).  This morning George the beagle's dad dropped him off for doggy daycare and he asked what I thought about the new software.  I like talking to him because he is a great app designer!  He also asked if we could cancel George's reservation for doggy daycare on Friday because he no longer needs to stand in line at the Apple Store to pick up the new phone!  He pre-ordered the new iPhone 5 online and the delivery date was changed so he receives it tomorrow.  So what does all this have to do with Pampered Pooch Playground?  Honestly I am not sure, but it was a fun story!

Have a great day!




Mila is a Beagle that comes to doggy daycare a couple times each week. To say she gets excited for lunch is an understatement! The moment she hears Ellen's (the lunch lady) voice she starts howling because she knows lunch is near! Besides food, she loves chasing the ball in the canine cove, and playing with Hobbes and Olive. Mila always brings a smile to our face and we love having her visit us!

Guess Phrase

george the beagleHave you heard of the iPhone app Guess Phrase?  You might be wondering what this cool iPhone app has to do with our doggy daycare?  George the beagles dad designed it, so I decided to download it today and give it a try.  It is a pretty sweet app.  Give it a try if you have an iPhone.  George comes to doggy daycare almost every day so that his dad can get some programming done. Have a great night.


A long fun day

Ellie the BeagleToday we had our 3rd dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and raised over $420 for the Minnesota Boxer rescue.  One of our core values of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the local dog community in various ways.  Tonight we had lots of fun washing over 85 dogs! Ellie the beagle is one of the dogs that has been a regular face at the PPP for doggie daycare for the past 2 years and tonight after daycare her mom brought her to the dog wash down the street. Ellie is very well known around the daycare for wearing a different bandanna each time she comes!

Have a great night.


We've gone mad with dog events!

Summer is the perfect time for dog events, and the next 3 weeks are CRAZY with dog friendly events.  Tomorrow from 2-7:30 we will be at the Galaxy Drive In (located 1 minute from us) in St Louis Park for a dog wash!  For a $5 donation to Secondhand Hounds you can wash your pooch with Topline Canine shampoo and get an ice cream treat for your pooch!  We hope to see you there!  For a complete list of all the dog events, visit the dog events page on our website. Rocky, the beagle mix puppy comes to doggy daycare almost every day.  He is so much fun to have around!

Have a great night!


All fresh and clean

dog daycare dogMischief (beagle) and her baby brother Benson (french bulldog puppy) dropped by doggy daycare today and their mom requested for them to have a bath before they went home because they have a photo shoot with Sarah Beth Photography tomorrow.  Both of them received their spa services and they look great and smell amazing and we know the pictures are going to turn out great! Lately I have been getting a bunch of emails asking where you get cool large dog jackets for the winter.  This was a tough question because Roxy is a cold weather dog and she does not have a jacket.  I asked our good friends Amber and Matt where they get their dogs clothing (they have 2 boxers).  Matt told me about  I went to their site and I love the clothing.

Have a good night.



joeyThere were a bunch of little dogs that came to doggy daycare today, one of which was Joey the beagle Mix.  Joey has been spending the night in one of the luxury hotel suites the past few nights and loves to greet everyone as they walk in the room. Also, Vanessa, one of our staff members was working on playing matchmaker with Butters and Carmela (both of which are little Yorkie's).  Butters did show Carmela how to jump up on some of the play equipment, we think he was showing off in front of her.

Oh, did you notice that we lowered the webcams to "doggy height" over the weekend.  It is funny, because some of the little guys look like Godzilla on the cameras now ;)

Have a great night.


New Blog, New Look!

The Back Play RoomYesterday, I was having so many problems putting up a picture our blog that I get fed up and switched it over to wordpress.  So, enjoy the new look and feel of the blog, and I am sure you will notice a few changes over the next few days as we get some of the bugs worked out. Today I spent a good deal of time in the back playroom with Saura (Bernese), Mischief (Beagle) and Jack (Cairn Terrier).  Saura has been spending the past 2 weeks with us in the Hotel.  Her family just moved here from France and Saura is "fresh off the plane".  For a dog that does not understand much english, she is doing great!

Have a great night.