Roxy Does Agility

roxy at dog agility classThis past weekend, we were at an event and we introduced Roxy to agility equipment and she got so excited to do it.  So I decided that we should sign her up for a class.  Last night was the first night, and wow she had so much fun!  We worked on jumping, running through the tunnel and jumping/laying on the platform.  Roxy really picked up everything really fast! The best part of the class was Roxy run through the tunnel.  She loves doing it (I think it is because she knows there is a treat at the end).

Hope you have a great weekend!



Cheapest is not always the best

I know everyone has always known that, but it is completely true!  About 3 weeks ago our 6 year old Dyson vacuum broke and we needed to get a new one.  I was at Target and decided to venture out and buy a Eureka vacuum that was designed for pets.  At about 1/2 the price of the Dyson, I figured it was worth the try.  What a piece of JUNK!! In the 3 weeks we have owned it, I have had to unclog the hose 3 times, and you can never put the filter back together. Seriously, we have Roxy who sheds, but we are freaks about keeping things clean. You have to unclog the filter after each room. I just did the guest bedroom where Roxy never goes and it got clogged. If you are going to call it the "Pet Expert"... It should be for pets and not get clogged!  I called their 800 number and they are no help.  So tomorrow it will be going back to Target and hopefully they will take it back and we will be getting the Dyson.  Sorry to vent, but sometimes you get what you pay for and I learned my lesson... In the 6 years of owning the Dyson, it only got clogged 1 time and that was because i tried to pick up large pieces of glass form a wine glass we broke (my mistake)!  Enjoy the video below of me trying to put the filter back together. Also in the video is Roxy's niece Zoe who we are dog sitting this week.

A Bitter Sweet Day

Izzy's birthday at doggy daycare Today was a very exciting day, and sad day for the PPP crew!  One of our first daycare dogs, Moby the french bulldog, had his last day with us!  He will be moving to Sweeden with his parents!  Moby's mom is the person who suggested that we get beds for the playrooms.. Now we have over 20 beds :)  We are really doing to miss Moby, everyone was giving him lots of hugs today!!  Moby even brought the staff a bunch of Sweedish food, and it was YUMMY!!!  Thanks!

We also had 2 birthdays to celebrate today.  Izzie (the terrier) and Jack (the boston) both brought treats for everyone!

Finally, we got the good news that Guy passed his service dog test and has been placed in a home so he can work!  Guy was being fostered by one of our customers and it was the first time they tried doggy daycare with a service dog in training!  We are so glad that Guy found his forever home!!  Now Guy's parents are fostering another service dog in training, Phoebe!  I hope she follows in Guy's footsteps!

Oh, one more thing.. We had 5 Bernese dogs in our building today, with the youngest being 14 weeks old and the oldest was 6 years!

Have a good day!



The Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy This morning our dog Roxy had a date at the Airport Dog Park with our breeder, and one her dogs Mira who is also a Bernese Mountain Dog.  After Roxy and Mira were done playing, we went back to the breeders house and got to play with the 3 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies!  Darn they are so cute and I wanted to take one of them home!  All the dogs were named after Thomas the Train characters, but I thought it would have been really funny to name them after Jersey Shore characters!  Can you see one of the dogs named Snookie and another called The Situation???!!

Have a good night.


Roxy's Ready for the Pool Party

Today after we left the doggy daycare, we took Roxy to one of her favorite dog stores in Edina, Bone Adventure.  We are going to a friends cabin this weekend and Roxy needed a life jacket, just incase she decided to jump off the boat and go for a swim.  If you have not checked out Bone Adventure, they are a great locally owned pet store at 50th and France in Edina,MN. Speaking of swimming, are you going to join us for the Dog Pool Party / Dog Wash at the Galaxy Drive In?  The fun starts Wednesday night at 4:30.  Stop out, and Modern Life Photo will be snapping pictures of your pooch!  The Galaxy Drive in is just 2 blocks from the PPP down Highway 7 in St Louis Park.

Have a good night.