PPP 4th Anniversary Week!

Bindi and her "friends". This is a big week for Pampered Pooch Playground.... Because it is our 4th anniversary!  It is so hard to believe that we have been open 4 years and we look back to how everything has changed and we have grown.  I still remember the first day that we were open and we were not sure if anyone would come.  I came into the building at 6:15 (because I was so excited), and kept waiting and waiting.... Finally at 6:45 in walks our first dog, Bindi.  Bindi was so excited to come in and meet everyone.   At that time we only had myself and one employee working. Then 2 more dogs came in... 3 dogs on the first day!  I was so pumped and I knew that PPP would be a huge success!  Bindi still comes to doggy daycare, and is one of Roxy's best friends.  I was going through our customer list and many of our first dogs still continue to come on a regular basis (and I can remember many of the dog's first days).  Now, almost 4 years later, Pampered Pooch Playground is often looked to as an example of how a doggy daycare should be run and lots of daycares have even tried to copy our style and feel (but you can't).

We want to thank everyone for being such a loyal and valued customer.  We really do love all of the dogs that come and are proud to have them as part of our extended family.

Out technical anniversary is on April 20th, but we will be celebrating all week on our Facebook page.  Make sure you check every day to see what you can win!

Again.. Thanks to all of our great customers and employees as we could never have made it 4 years without you!

Keith and Trycia

Roxy's & Bindi's Messy Walk

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis,mnWe just took Roxy and her BFF Bindi around Lake Harriet.  What a beautiful day for a walk, but what a mess!  There was so much melting snow, water and mud everywhere.  About 1/2 way through the walk I told Trycia that we needed to head to Bubbly Paws Dog Wash to clean them up with a self service wash.  Even if we did not own Bubbly Paws, I know that would have been our next stop!  When we got there, it was busy with a bunch of dirty dogs in the tubs getting clean!  Bindi was our first doggy daycare dog, and she really is Roxy's best friend!  They love to hang out together and get really excited when we get them together! Have a great weekend!


Roxy's Best Friend

Bindi at doggie daycare I still think back almost 3 years to April 20th, 2008 which was the first day we were open for doggy daycare.  At 6:45am a lady walked in with her dog, Bindi and Roxy got really excited to see her and they started playing in our lobby!  Roxy and Bindi quickly became best friends!! For the first year and a half, Bindi came to doggy daycare every weekday.  When Bindi spends the night, she stays at our house since Roxy is her best friend.  Bindi has been staying over the past few nights and it is really funny to watch Bindi and Roxy try to squeeze onto the couch with us!

Have a good day!



Tess is relatively new to doggy daycare and was referred to us by "Bindi's mom" who works with "Tess's mom". You might recall that Bindi was our first doggy daycare dog, and she is Roxy's BFF.   Tess spends her day running around in the Ruff House and very rarely do we see her take a break!  Have I mentioned that we LOVE referrals? Trycia was snapping some new pictures today, and they are online in our June photo gallery.

Welcome Back Bindi

Bindi love dog DaycareBindi, was our first ever dog daycare dog, and her parents were stalking our daycare before we even opened our doors on April 20, 2008.  Bindi came almost every day and she quickly became Roxy (our dog's) BFF.  Well, a few months ago Bindi's mom work schedule changed and bindi started staying home more, but today was her first day back.  Boy did we miss her!  Bindi is great with the big dogs and the small dogs and she really reminds me of Gumby. We are so glad to have her back!! Oh, for all you non iPhone people, we just launched our mobile website.  This will make the webcams load faster on your PDA or Smart Phone.  Just go to our regular website, and it will automatically load the mobile version.

Have a good night.