black dog

Our friend Sarah and black dogs

brody3Who said that you can get away from business while are on vacation.  Sometimes I feel like i get more done when I am away from the daycare than when I am actually there.  Sure I love talking to all of our customers, and getting to know the dogs, but when it is time to sit down an go through paperwork it is too easy to get distracted.  When we go away, I always bring my laptop and everything I need to get done, and when we are on a flight or driving in the car, that I when I do all of this "busy work".  At the daycare it is way too easy to get distracted and go play with the dogs, but when you are locked in a plane, you don't have a choice.  Today I was looking at Sarah Beth Photography's blog, and I just had to laugh when I saw this picture.  She really does know how to capture dogs great and how to bring out their personality.  Really, who else would think to photograph the back of a dog.  It is said that it is hard to capture black dogs on film (as we know when trying to get pictures playing on our black floor), but Sarah did great! You also see lots of her work hanging around the daycare.  On another black dog note, another one of our friends started a black dog rescue group, Start Seeing Black Dogs.  Black dogs are the least likely to get adopted from a shelter, and she is doing a great job being a voice for black dogs!  If you click through the pages, you might notice one of our staff members with their dog.  Do you know who it is?? The dog in the Picture is one of the Hearing and Service dogs, and we will be at their Heel and Wheel later this month. More details are on our events page.

Ok, enough blogging.