black lab

Thanks Brent!

Minnie at Doggy Daycare This past week we have been really busy putting the finishing touches on our new website we have nicknamed PPP 3.0!  Minnie's mom sent me an email the day after our new website launched and after reading the staff page, noticed that Brent was not listed on there anymore.  Brent has been working for us for about 2 years and he just moved to the west cost, and we were really sad to see him leave!  He loved working with the dogs, and was one of the dogs favorite employees in the Ruff House.  Normally we put a Facebook post up on someones last day, and I feel really bad that is slipped through the cracks.  His last day was Thanksgiving,  So I guess a full blown blog post is almost cooler!  We miss him and wish him the best of luck!

Have a good night!




Captain at Dog Daycare in St Louis Park, MNCaptain is a sweet black lab that has been coming to doggy daycare at the PPP since the beginning.  He hasn't met a ball, dog, or person that he doesn't like.  When at PPP, Captain can be found in waggers way, ruff house, or in canine cove, depending on where the ball is OR where Brent (dog handler) is.  Captain has found the perfect balance of fun and relaxation at daycare, when he isn't romping with his pals you can find him lounging on our red couch dreaming of tennis balls.    Some of his favorite dog pals include Wrigley, Finnegan, and Skippy.

Worth the wait!

roman the black lab This past March, Trycia talked to Jessie from Stray Dog Arts about painting a picture of her sister's dog, Roman.  Jessie told us she was so busy that she could not promise to have it done by Christmas, but would try her hardest!  Last wednesday Jessie dropped off the painting off at Pampered Pooch Playground and it was AMAZING!  She truely captured Roman and his LOVE of the tennis ball. I wanted to post a picture on our website that minute, but Trycia's sister reads our website and Facebook page.  Christmas eve we gave them the painting and everyone loved it!  We even made a video so Jessie could see the reactions on their faces when they opened the box!  I can't thank Jessie from Stray Dog Arts enough for her AMAZING work.  Side note... Jessie was one of our first customers and painted the picture of Roxy hanging in the lobby!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


The Adventures of Roman and Roxy

This weekend we are in Wisconsin visiting Trycia's family and Roxy loves to play with Roman who is her sisters dog. Roman attends doggy daycare in Wisconsin a few days a week and he LOVES to play! Roman and Roxy chased the frisbee for a few minutes then Roxy got tired of playing. A few hours later when Roman finally decided to lay down, he found the perfect spot in the leaves! Have a good weekend!



Sparky - Australian shepard mixSparky is an Australian Shepard mix who really enjoys coming to doggy daycare.  Sparky is often seen riding in his dad's Jeep Wrangler with his head leaning over the side so he can have all of the wind in his face.  Our outside play area is Sparky's favorite place to be, and he gets really excited when we play with the water and pools.   Sparky's best friends are Boone (golden retriever), Lilah (golden retriever) and Finnegan (black lab).

Whose ball is it!

Today in the "Zen Den", Alex, one of our staff members took this picture of Cosi (french bulldog) and Brandi (black lab) playing with the ball. Who said that big and small dogs can't get along??!!?? On another note, we are thinking about renaming the "Zen Den", becuse the name makes it sound like none of the dogs play.  In reality the "Zen Den" is very lively and the only room that we bring out toys and balls.   We don't use toys in the other rooms during doggy daycare because of the possession problems that are created over toys, and honestly we don't want to be breaking up fights all day over balls.  So sometimes we will put the dogs that we know enjoy playing with balls and toys into the "Zen Den"  where they can play with them.  Both Cosi and Brandi had a great time in there today. Sorry to cut this short, but I have been editing video for the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl and my eyes are tired of looking at the computer screen.

Have a good night.


Good News

Trevor the black labYou often hear about us talking about our Pet Haven dogs that we foster at Pampered Pooch Playground. Today we got some really good news that our last foster dog, Trevor, just got adopted! We are so excited for him and his new home. You can read more about Trevor on the Pet Haven Blog.   Trevor was also featured in the Pet Haven fall benefit! Now, we are working on finding Pepper, our current foster dog a home!  Many of you might have gotten to meet pepper, he loves to hang out in our employees break room, and loves to watch people come in the lobby!  You can also read more about Pepper here.


Blazer the LabBlazer is one of the black labs that come to doggy day care and she has such a great time. She really enjoys hanging out in our back play room which is a little more laid back. Blazer and Gillis (golden retriever) love to pal around together.This afternoon I got the paint out and finished painting the walls of our new play area. I was working with one of our contractors today to build a cool piece of furniture for the room, and I spent a great deal of time shopping online for some cool accessories. This room will be great! Have a great night. Keith