iPhone Update

We just released the latest version of "Pooch Vision" which is our app for the iPhone.  This being the 4th version, we think is is the best yet.  We have made it possible to pay for doggy daycare and soon you will be able to check your pooch out before you even walk into our building (we are waiting on an update to our software for this and have been pushing the company for this feature for 2 years).  We are all about making life easy for you, but also connecting you to your pooch.  The whole purpose for the iPhone app is to allow you to watch your dog while they are playing at doggy daycare.  Webcams provide a great sense of security and let you know how we operate.  You can also read our blog, make reservations, and keep up on the latest dog events in Minneapolis.

In January we will be doing some remodeling in the 2 big dog rooms, and we will be adding more webcams, so watching your pooch will be even more fun!  Many daycares have contacted me asking "why would you have an iPhone app and webcams"... My response has always been "why the heck not"... Our app might not be as cool as the Starbucks app where you can pay at register by letting them scan your phone, but we are getting closer and closer to that!  We are still one of the few dog daycares in the country that have their own iPhone app which is a free download.

Those that don't have an iPhone, we also have "Pooch Vision" available for the droid and blackberry.

Have a great night!


More Mobile...

JD on the doggy daycare webcam Finally, we now have a mobile app for almost every platform from the iPhone, Droid and now the BlackBerry.  We take great pride in leading the doggy daycare industry and are the only daycare in the country to have 3 apps, and we were the first with the iPhone app.  Pretty darn cool if you are into technology.  If you are not, oh well, we still have our regular webcams you can watch :)  For more information on our mobile apps, just click here.