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Meet the Crew - Kaitlin

Name: Kaitlin aka Kaiti Length of time working here: June 2013

Do you have any pets?

I have a Pug named Daisy and a Boston/Pug mix named Deuce!  For Halloween, we dressed up Daisy as a SteamPug (instead of steampunk) :)

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to take the dogs for walks with my husband, go camping and canoeing :)

What is your favorite part about working at PPP?

Getting to play with all the dogs and getting to know all their different personalities!

Funniest/Favorite PPP moment:

Any moment that involves Rufus, the chocolate lab.  He's so funny!

Jack's Last Day

Jack at doggy daycare Today was a sad day for all of us at Pampered Pooch Playground.  Jack the Boston Terrier had his last day of doggy daycare before he moved to Indianapolis!  We always hate to see our dogs move away and Jack was no exception.  When Jack's mom dropped him off for doggy daycare, she broke the news to us.  We quickly started talking about how Jack was one of our first doggy daycare dogs 4 years ago when we opened!  Oh Jack, we are gaining to miss his crazy "noises" he makes when he plays with things and his little wiggle when he comes through the front door.

Hope everyone has a good night!


A Bitter Sweet Day

Izzy's birthday at doggy daycare Today was a very exciting day, and sad day for the PPP crew!  One of our first daycare dogs, Moby the french bulldog, had his last day with us!  He will be moving to Sweeden with his parents!  Moby's mom is the person who suggested that we get beds for the playrooms.. Now we have over 20 beds :)  We are really doing to miss Moby, everyone was giving him lots of hugs today!!  Moby even brought the staff a bunch of Sweedish food, and it was YUMMY!!!  Thanks!

We also had 2 birthdays to celebrate today.  Izzie (the terrier) and Jack (the boston) both brought treats for everyone!

Finally, we got the good news that Guy passed his service dog test and has been placed in a home so he can work!  Guy was being fostered by one of our customers and it was the first time they tried doggy daycare with a service dog in training!  We are so glad that Guy found his forever home!!  Now Guy's parents are fostering another service dog in training, Phoebe!  I hope she follows in Guy's footsteps!

Oh, one more thing.. We had 5 Bernese dogs in our building today, with the youngest being 14 weeks old and the oldest was 6 years!

Have a good day!