Dog of the Month – January

Ripley, dog daycare dog of the month Every month we have a different theme for our “Dog Of The Month”.  In January, we gave away the honor of being "Dog of the Month" to someone that donated to our food Drive!  Ripley, the boxer,  was our random winner and received a photo shoot with Eva Noth Photography!

Ripley is a regular face at doggy daycare and can often be seen playing in the Ruff House.  Her parents adopted her a few years ago from the Minnesota Boxer Rescue and she loves to dance when you pet her! Thanks to Ripley's parents and all of our very generous customers that donated to our pet food drive this past holiday season!!  See more pictures from the session by clicking here.

Meet the Crew - Julie

julieName: Julie Length of time working here: Since March 2010

Do you have any pets?

I have a Mini Aussie named Duchess and a Boxer named Thor.  They love to come and play each week!

What do you do in your spare time? 

I am a full-time stylist at JB Cavour Salon + Spa.  Doing hair is my passion; I love making people smile by the work I do.  I also love being outside, going to dog parks, cooking for my husband and am addicted to many TV shows :)

What is your favorite part about working at PPP?

The dogs, of course!  They all have such unique personalities and it's fun to get to know them all!  It's a nice break from my full-time gig as a stylist.  Also, my co-workers are awesome!

Funniest PPP moment:

I have an intense fear of spiders.  One day, Sarah and I were in waggers and a spider continued to lower itself from the ceiling to taunt me.  We moved the couch to the middle of the room and I held Sarah as she stood on the couch to grab the spider.  She knocked it down and we both screamed.  We turned around and Keith was video taping it on his phone.  Whoever was watching the webcams that day, got some entertainment!

Dog Webcam Fun

dog daycare webcam pictureLast week I ordered a camera that we can put around one of our daycare dogs necks and it captures what they see.  We tried this yesterday with Camielle who is one of the Boxers that comes to daycare.  It captured a picture every 3 minutes and most of them were blurry, but this one was kinda cool.  It is just interesting to see daycare as the dogs see it. We are going to play with it a little more and hopefully get some more cool pictures. Have a great day!


A long fun day

Ellie the BeagleToday we had our 3rd dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and raised over $420 for the Minnesota Boxer rescue.  One of our core values of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the local dog community in various ways.  Tonight we had lots of fun washing over 85 dogs! Ellie the beagle is one of the dogs that has been a regular face at the PPP for doggie daycare for the past 2 years and tonight after daycare her mom brought her to the dog wash down the street. Ellie is very well known around the daycare for wearing a different bandanna each time she comes!

Have a great night.


The "Ruff House" cools off!

Today, one of our employees went home sick so I spent about 5 hours in with the big dogs in the Ruff House.  Most of the LOVE playing with the water and we played with the water for about an hour straight today until it started to heat up outside and everyone wanted to run back into the AC!  Can you imagine how messy our outside area would be if we had real grass rather than the recycled turf that is down! Camielle is one of the boxers who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the water! Have a great night!


Maggie the featured daycare dogMaggie (cavalier king charles) just turned 1, and has been coming to doggy daycare since she was a little puppy.  At first she was a little shy, but she has blossomed into the life of the Canine Cove! She has had her buddy, Paige (a boxer), staying with her for the past few months, but sadly Paige will be returning home to San Francisco where she is a regular face at a doggy daycare.  Don't fret though because Maggie will still have lots of friends at PPP, including her BFF Lilly, the Cavapoo.  We love when Maggie comes to play!

2 year anniversary pictures

pickler the boxerA HUGE thanks to one of our favorite pet photographers, Sarah Beth Photography for stopping out at our anniversary party a few weeks ago to take pictures of all of the dogs.  She just sent us the pictures, and they are AMAZING as always.  You can check them out in our photo gallery.  A note about Sarah Beth Photography, if you book a session with her, make sure to mention Pampered Pooch Playground and you will get a special savings! In the picture is Pickler, our first boxer that came to daycare just weeks after we opened!

Thanks again to everyone that stopped out!  What a great day and a great 2 years!  We could never have done it without YOU!!!!!


Dr Sully and Camielle

Today, Anna, one of our doggy daycare employees got a great picture of Sully (who has the alter ego "Dr. Sully" to his friends and family) and Camielle outside having a great time. Today I was working hard trying to put things together for our 2 year anniversary party which is on Saturday, May 22nd. This should be lots of fun, and if you have not RSVP'ed please do so by clicking here.

Have a great night.



Meet Camielle, who is one of the many boxers that comes to doggy daycare.  Camielle is an office dog, and while the office was being remodeled, she came to daycare almost everyday.  She can often be seen hanging out in Waggers Way.  Camielle loves people and always follows our staff around.  Side note: her dad was one of the guys from Go Kart that worked hard on this website.

Remy - Roxy's Inspiration

Remy is one of our most laid back boxers that come to doggy daycare.  Remy is so easy going, and just loves being around people and other dogs.  Remy wanders between the rooms, and loves getting attention from our staff in the room.   Remy is a certified therapy dog, and he was one of the reasons that we wanted our dog Roxy to become a therapy dog.  Our class starts in the middle of March, so you might see us working on some training with her in the lobby from time to time. Have a good night.