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Random PPP facts

A local rescue asked for some random facts about Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws.  So I put them together, and thought I would share them with you....

- The first dog to come to Pampered Pooch Playground was a german shepherd / st. bernard mix named Bindi, who quickly became Roxy's BFF!  Bindi was waiting at 6:45am the first day we opened and came every day for 2 years and still randomly pops in.

- The slogan of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash "Our Soap Is Dope" was created over a text message conversation with Sarah Beth Photography while we were at Pizzeria Lola (super dog friendly) eating and drinking.

- The first boxer to come to Pampered Pooch Playground 4 years ago when we opened was a rescue from Minnesota Boxer Rescue (Pickler).

- Before opening Pampered Pooch Playground Keith worked in radio for 11 years (chicago, des moines, cincinnati and minneapolis).  He produced the Moon and Staci show on KS95 for 4 years.  Both Moon and Staci were in our wedding party.

- The idea for Bubbly Paws Dog Wash came from a customer of Pampered Pooch Playground who complained that there was no place where he could bathe his dog.

- Pampered Pooch Playground was the first doggy daycare to have an iPhone, Droid and Blackberry app where customers can watch their dogs play.

- A large part of the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws business model is to give back to local dog rescues!

There ya go..
Have a good night.

Santa Paws

Roxy visits santa in Minneapolis Today our training room was taken over by the Minnesota Boxer Rescue for Santa Paws.  Our friends Matt and Amber from Modern Life Photo (and Pampered Pooch Playground customers) were snapping some amazing pictures of the dogs with santa!  The best part is all the money raised goes to the Minnesota Boxer Rescue.  Wow, I am still shocked at the number of dogs that came out!  Impressive!  Have a good night.


A long fun day

Ellie the BeagleToday we had our 3rd dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and raised over $420 for the Minnesota Boxer rescue.  One of our core values of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the local dog community in various ways.  Tonight we had lots of fun washing over 85 dogs! Ellie the beagle is one of the dogs that has been a regular face at the PPP for doggie daycare for the past 2 years and tonight after daycare her mom brought her to the dog wash down the street. Ellie is very well known around the daycare for wearing a different bandanna each time she comes!

Have a great night.



Thanks to everyone that came out to both locations of pictures with Santa.  Both places were a HUGE success and we can't thank everyone enough.  Trycia and I were at the Fetch Delivers location  and, it was great to see lots of our dogs show up and we collected lots of dog food and money for the Pet Project. Our booth was right next to Sarah Beth Photography and we took a break and took a picture ;).  Also in the picture is Luk, who is in my arms, and he belongs to Ali from Sidewalk Dog. One highlight was when Fletcher, one of our doggy daycare dogs (aka @fletchmasterp on twitter) donated a huge supply of dog food that his parents won in an essay contest.   At the Pampered Pooch Playground Matt and Amber from Modern Life Photo were taking pictures for the Boxer Rescue.  Matt texted me about an hour after the event started and said that he was amazed with the turnout! Later in the day, Matt told me that they raised over $1000 for the boxer rescue, and this was the biggest turnout that they have ever had.  We are so excited to have been part of it, and can't wait for next year!  Oh, Roxy had to show up and get her picture taken!!

Have a doog weekend!



Eloise, the westie is all ready for the Holidays.  Yesterday she came in for doggy daycare wearing her favorite winter bandanna and she also has a snowman t-shirt that she enjoys wearing. Today it was fun being with some of the bigger dogs, watching them play outside in the dusting of snow. Speaking of the Holidays, this Saturday we have pictures with Santa at 2 different locations:

- Fetch Delivers form 11-4 at their warehouse in N.E. Minneapolis.  Trycia and I will be at this location. We are asking for pet food donations to benefit the Pet Project.

- Pampered Pooch Playground form 10-1. There is a $10 cost, and the money raised goes to the Minnesota Boxer Rescue.

For more information on these events, just visit our events page.  No reservations needed, just show up.

Have a good weekend.